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MEWTRAL is the duo, Me & You, produced by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) who is known for the Kagerou Project. These girls are aiming to cultivate a new form of the entertainment experience with their musical careers, making appearances in anime and games, and creating a show that's almost impossible to experience in 3D alone.

They wanted to highlight elements of "MUSIC" and the "NEW" as the main points of their focus. They wanted to be recognized as "NEWTRAL", which is to say they are neither 2D or 3D, and that's how the name "MEWTRAL" was born.

Before they kickstart their career, this entry marks their first spectacular appearance. Be sure to check them out!


Excitement about working on the MEWTRAL project

I'm mainly working on producing the sound.
I was nervous, because it's rare for me to be involved with a project from its very beginning. My biggest hope is to make a new form of music you couldn't experience anywhere else.

The MEWTRAL appeal

Since "MEWTRAL" is made of virtual idols I think the biggest appeal for them is that their range of action can be both two- and three-dimensional.
Of course, they can make an appearance in a game like this time, but in terms of singing artists I am sure they will entertain in ways only they can.
I'm actually really interested in a VR concert. I hope they'd do something like it.

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